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  • Sarah McKim Thomas

Day #18: AAC Awareness Month - Success

I have a confession: Sometimes I LOVE data.

When I'm in a session and recording data takes my attention away from my client, interrupting our interaction, I hate data.

But after the session, when I have the data in front of me, I love diving in to analyze where the client is, how far they've come (or not), and where to go next. This process often includes pathetically inefficient use of Excel spreadsheets and graphs; I thoroughly enjoy myself.

But it's important to remember that data isn't The Point. If it's good data, it should reflect The Point and help you figure out how to navigate to it. And what is The Point?

Bonus points to anyone who notices the typo that I desperately want to fix.

This is one aspect of The Point. There are many more. And very few of them can truly be measured in pluses and minuses on a data sheet.

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